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Securities : Online Trading Online Trading system for your investment
  • Efficient trading platform : EFin trade plus / Settrade Streaming
  • Live Technical Chart / Fundamental analyses
  • Daily research and stock market wrap up
  • Mobile trading application support for both iOS and Android
  • No minimum commission fee
E-Business Team
Tel. 662-846-8689
Easy Wealth Builder  ‘Dollar Cost Averaging” strategy creates your saving plan with long-term wealth portfolio
Minimum invest of only 5,000 Baht per month with 3 steps
  1. Select stocks from SET50
  2. Set your monthly investment budget (min. 5,000 baht)
  3. Set your investment date : example 5 /15 /25
Wealth Builder Support Desk
Tel. 662-846-8648
Derivatives Leverage your investment and increase opportunities in both bull and bear markets. Various underlying asset : SET50 index / SET50index options/ Single Stock Futures / Gold Futures / USD Futures and Oil Futures Derivatives Support Desk
Tel. 662-846-8653
Cross Border Trading

Through ProperUs, experience the world's leading stock market investment with CGS-CIMB Securities. You can place your own trading orders in the international markets in over 20 countries from anywhere and at any time. Invest today with no initial financial commitment.

Cross Border Trading Team
Tel. 662-841-9000 press 1 >>4
Securities Borrowing and Lending : SBL Enhance investment opportunities and increase return on investment in a market downtrend
  • SET100 and TDEX stock borrowing and lending
  • Minimum borrowing fee is 50 Baht/day
SBL Support Desk
Tel. 662-846 8674, 662 846 8691
Mutual Fund More investment choices with 900 mutual funds managed by 18 AMCs.
  • Diversify your portfolio in Equities, Money Market, Gold and Oil funds
  • Tax saving plans with LTF and RMF
Fund Mart Support
Tel. 662-846-8649, 662-209-8748
Equity Linked Note – ELN A ground-breaking investment which seamlessly combines debt instrument with equity derivatives to cater for investor needs on risk and return payoffs. It is an attractive yield play product in a range-bound market. Extend your investment edge with us in
  • Short-term ELN contracts with 1 or 9 months tenors
Equity Derivatives Thailand
Tel. 662-209-8772