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Securities : Online Trading Online Trading system for your investment
  • Efficient trading platform : EFin trade plus / Settrade Streaming
  • Live Technical Chart / Fundamental analyses
  • Daily research and stock market wrap up
  • Mobile trading application support for both iOS and Android
  • No minimum commission fee
E-Business Team
Tel. 662-846-8689
Easy Wealth Builder  ‘Dollar Cost Averaging” strategy creates your saving plan with long-term wealth portfolio
Minimum invest of only 5,000 Baht per month with 3 steps
  1. Select stocks from SET50
  2. Set your monthly investment budget (min. 5,000 baht)
  3. Set your investment date : example 5 /15 /25
Wealth Builder Support Desk
Tel. 662-846-8648
Derivatives Leverage your investment and increase opportunities in both bull and bear markets. Various underlying asset : SET50 index / SET50index options/ Single Stock Futures / Gold Futures / USD Futures and Oil Futures Derivatives Support Desk
Tel. 662-846-8653
Cross Border Trading Invest in global markets with ITrade@CIMB online trading platform.
>> 5 Market available now: SGX (Singapore), Bursa (Malaysia), HKEX (Hong Kong), NYSE/Nasdaq /AMEX (USA) and HOSE/HNX (Vietnam)
>> Minimum 200,000 Baht investment
Cross Border Trading Team
Tel. 662-846-8698-99, 662-209-8781
Securities Borrowing and Lending : SBL Enhance investment opportunities and increase return on investment in a market downtrend
  • SET50 and TDEX stock borrowing and lending
  • Minimum borrowing fee is 50 Baht/day
SBL Support Desk
Tel. 662-209-8750
Mutual Fund More investment choices with 900 mutual funds managed by 18 AMCs.
  • Diversify your portfolio in Equities, Money Market, Gold and Oil funds
  • Tax saving plans with LTF and RMF
Fund Mart Support
Tel. 662-846-8649, 662-209-8748
Equity Linked Note – ELN A ground-breaking investment which seamlessly combines debt instrument with equity derivatives to cater for investor needs on risk and return payoffs. It is an attractive yield play product in a range-bound market. Extend your investment edge with us in
  • Short-term ELN contracts with 1 or 9 months tenors
Equity Derivatives Thailand
Tel. 662-209-8772